Join the Global Survivor Network and provide support and strength to the movement:

  • Access and share resources

    The GSN will produce tools and resources on advocacy, leadership and other life skills. All materials can be contextualized to meet local group needs and priorities.

  • Create and participate in local initiatives

    Voice your ideas and collaborate with your group to develop the message local leaders need to hear to protect others. Initiatives could include petitions, online campaigns, in-person meetings and more.

  • Change the world

    Help create solutions that protect people from slavery and violence in your community and all around the world. Provide expertise, solutions and resources directly to changemakers and leaders in the government, corporations and NGOs.


The greatest benefits of membership in the Global Survivor Network flow through participation in a local survivor group. The GSN is open to survivors of violence, including slavery (all forms of human trafficking), women and children who have survived violence, and survivors of police abuse.