Call It What It Is

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The Global Survivor Network stands with Child Rescue Coalition and other organizations asking our leaders, governments and societies to stop using the term “child pornography” and instead use “child sexual abuse material”.

Sexual exploitation of children that is shared or streamed online is abuse. It must be called what it is. The term “child pornography” implies consent and mislabels the real experience of abuse to children who are in fact victims. The term “child sexual abuse material” draws attention to the victimization of the child, and it calls for rectification and justice.

Naming this abuse as a crime is important at all levels. For example, members of the Global Survivor Network in the Philippines ask leaders to rename the Republic Act 9775 – Anti Child Pornography; the name of this law should clearly reflect the crime it stands against and the victims it stands to protect.

As the Leadership Council of the Global Survivor Network, we call on all people of goodwill to denounce child sexual abuse material, and we use our words to affirm the dignity of survivors and demand justice for the abuse they have suffered.

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